October 24, 2023

Mastering Threat Exposure with Uni5 Xposure

Cybersecurity is not merely about reacting to threats; it’s about anticipating them and having the power to immediately reduce your exposure. This proactive approach is what we at Hive Pro have always championed with HivePro Uni5. Now with our newest offering, Uni5 Xposure, we elevate this vision a notch higher.

Uni5 Xposure enables holistic threat exposure visibility and management by combining the strength of our Uni5 platform with additional features like out-of-the-box total infrastructure scanning, security assessment orchestration and workflow management, and actionable recommendations for remediation. Uni5 Xposure is easy to implement, integration friendly (40+ integrations), scalable, and cost efficient for every Cybersecurity enterprise.

The HivePro Uni5 Legacy

The core principle of HivePro Uni5 is to eliminate the most likely cyber threats before they turn into full-blown attacks. By leveraging cutting-edge threat intelligence, precise vulnerability insights, assets’ context, and countless environmental factors, HivPro Uni5 predicts imminent attacks, prioritizes vulnerabilities, tests security measures, and offers an integrated solution for end-to-end vulnerability management and remediation.

HivePro Uni5

Key features of HivePro Uni5 include:

Enter Uni5 Xposure

Taking forward the legacy of Uni5, Uni5 Xposure inherits everything above and adds to the sum a plethora of new core capabilities, enhancing the entire threat exposure management narrative:

Uni5 Xposure

The net effect? You solve for the issues of siloed tools, asset and vulnerability blind spots, manual spreadsheet processes, stagnated vulnerability remediation, and critical security risks. They become a thing of the past and Uni5 Xposure makes that possible.

What does that mean for you? Security teams spend an average of over 130 hours per week monitoring systems for threats and vulnerabilities and still have an insufficient and decentralized visibility into all potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities (especially those exploited in the wild). Worse yet, sixty percent of data breaches are successful due to ITOps’ inability to apply a known, available patch before the vulnerability was exploited.

We bring threat and research time for your analysts down exponentially and help them to reallocate it to true analysis embedded in our platform, which is iterated on a daily basis by HiveForce Labs, our in-house threat, vulnerability, and patch intelligence research teams. The patch intelligence we provide (42,600+ data points) proves helpful to eliminate the risk of 60% of data breaches.

Hive Pro offers holistic visibility into an organization’s threat exposure and provides the tools needed to manage these threats effectively and enhance cyber resilience from one comprehensive, user-friendly platform.

We encourage you to trial Hive Pro Uni5 for free, any time. And we welcome you to demo the new Uni5 Xposure platform today to see the whole story in action.

Author: Zaira Pirzada

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