April 2, 2024

Building Stronger Partnerships: Why Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) Matters

Zaira Pirzada

Vice President | Marketing

The enterprise digital landscape is too large to simply manage. Gone are the days of securing just a physical network perimeter. Today’s IT infrastructure encompasses everything from lines of code to sprawling cloud environments. This sprawl creates a massive attack surface, making it increasingly difficult for your customers to maintain a complete picture of their assets, vulnerabilities, and looming threats.

Traditional vulnerability management (VM) tools play a vital role in scanning for vulnerabilities, but struggle to keep pace with this evolving landscape.  Focusing primarily on known software vulnerabilities, VM tools often leave misconfigurations and other security weaknesses hidden in the shadows.  Additionally, a disconnect between VM tools and threat intelligence often leads to prioritizing vulnerabilities based on generic technical severity, rather than real-world exploitability.

This is where Threat Exposure Management (TEM) empowers you to deliver superior value to your clients.

TEM: A Proactive Approach to Security

TEM takes a proactive approach to security by continuously monitoring your customer’s entire attack surface. It goes beyond simply identifying vulnerabilities in software to encompass:

How TEM Enables You:

By incorporating TEM into your security offerings, you empower your clients with:

Clients leveraging a partner’s TEM expertise not only secure their digital assets and data but also fortify their business resilience against the evolving threat landscape. This proactive stance on cybersecurity translates into a competitive advantage, demonstrating to stakeholders, customers, and regulatory bodies a commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy operating environment. Through TEM, clients not only protect their immediate operational interests but also position themselves as leaders in cybersecurity readiness within their respective industries, fostering trust and driving business growth in their partner relations.

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