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Giving You Confidence to Say ‘We’re Secure’

Uni5 Xposure enables your team to secure your enterprise from the latest threats, adapt controls to evolving risks and eliminate threat exposure so that you can confidently believe and report to your peers, and your Board: ‘We’re Secure’.

How We Save You Cost & Your Team Time

Even with a tight budget and only so many hands, you still deserve the best security.


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Threat Exposure Risks


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One Platform to Manage Threat Exposure

As former security practitioners, we’re tired of the data sprawl across your test, scans, and assessments. We’re just as tired of the tool sprawl from scanners to EASM, CSPM, BAS, ITSM and more. Here’s one platform to scan for risks, track threats, and validate controls. Gain resilience with ease.

Complete Attack Surface Visibility

With our 6 out-of-the-box vulnerability scanners from code-infra-cloud and EASM, we enable you to gain full visibility of your asset risks and threat exposure. Additionally, our platform is sticky to all of your current scanners, tests and assessment for full attack surface visibility.

Eliminate Your Threat Exposure

Uni5 Xposure prioritizes vulnerabilities, threats and misconfigurations based on severity, exploitability, and potential business impact so that you know where your enterprise’s greatest risks reside and what to tackle first.

Facilitate Cross-Functional Collaboration

Uni5 Xposure enables shared visibility across IT, DevOps, PTaaS services and security teams to prioritize and address risks collaboratively, enhancing response times and resource allocation.

Report Risks to Your Peers & Your Board

Our platform offers customizable reporting tailored to all stakeholders, including the board and C-suite peers, ensuring relevant, actionable insights that support strategic decision-making and demonstrate the value of security investments across the organization.

The value for your Security Team

Supercharge your team efficiency with Uni5 Xposure

Proactive Vulnerability Detection

Identify and address security gaps and weaknesses before attackers can exploit them.

Improved Security Posture

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s cyber resilience and security control efficacy.

Reduced Risk of Breaches

Minimize the likelihood of successful cyberattacks and breaches by eliminating the threats that matter the most.

Total Attack Surface Management

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s external and internal attack surface through the attacker’s lens.

Vulnerability Intelligence & Threat Intelligence

Continuously keep up-to-date on all the latest attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities so that you can be sure you’re secure against them.

Customizable Reporting

Leverage out-of-the-box or customizable reporting to convey your current state, room for improvement, and future projections considering your risks.

Countless Tool Integrations

Leverage the power of integrated platforms. Uni5 Xposure works seamlessly with various vulnerability scanners, patch management tools, ITSM platforms, detection and response tools, and more. Our goal is to provide you total visibility of your attack surface and the means to actionably reduce it.

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CISO, Major Telecomm Provider (MEA)
CISO, Major Telecomm Provider (MEA)

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Quick answers to questions you may have

Discover everything about Hive Pro features, benefits, and more.

How does Uni5 Xposure handle data security and privacy?

Uni5 Xposure ensures data security and privacy through encryption, role-based access controls, regular audits, and compliance with stringent data protection regulations like GDPR.

Can Uni5 Xposure integrate with our existing security infrastructure?

Absolutely. Uni5 Xposure offers extensive integration capabilities, allowing it to seamlessly connect with your existing security infrastructure through standardized protocols and APIs. Uni5 Xposure ensures smooth interoperability, enabling centralized management and streamlined workflows across your security ecosystem.

What kind of training and support options does Uni5 Xposure offer?

Uni5 Xposure provides comprehensive training programs tailored to your team’s needs, including on-site workshops, virtual sessions, and self-paced online courses. Our dedicated support team offers 24/7 assistance and personalized guidance to ensure your success with the platform.

How does Uni5 Xposure handle scalability as our organization grows?

Uni5 Xposure is built on a scalable architecture that can accommodate the evolving needs of your organization. With flexible deployment options and the ability to scale resources dynamically, Uni5 Xposure ensures seamless expansion without compromising performance or reliability. Additionally, our team works closely with yours to assess scalability requirements and provide guidance on optimizing the platform to meet your growing demands.

What are the deployment options available for Uni5 Xposure?

Uni5 Xposure offers flexible deployment options to suit your organization’s needs. You can choose between on-premises installation, cloud-based deployment, or a hybrid model, allowing for scalability and customization according to your preferences and requirements.

Can Uni5 Xposure support multi-cloud and hybrid environments?

Yes, Uni5 Xposure is designed to seamlessly support multi-cloud and hybrid environments, offering compatibility with leading cloud platforms and integration capabilities for unified security management across diverse infrastructures.

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