February 7, 2021

Agile VAPT for a better ROI

What if I told you that you can increase your secure application release timeline efficiency by 70%? Or in other terms, what if you can release your application 4x in the same timeframe and with assurance that it’s safe from potential vulnerabilities?

Let me take you through the VAPT process which can help you achieve that.

In a traditional process for a security assessment on an application under release, it requires to go through below stages:

Let us look at this traditional approach with timeline perspective:

Due to the communication challenges and different supporting activities which helps in the overall process, it usually takes 22 days for an application to get a signoff for release.

Here is a more efficient approach. The Agile security assessment methodology combines the communication channel and asks for collaboration within a single platform. Automating a few manual processes (like submission of issues on the go, creation of reports etc) to reduce the stakeholder responsibilities within the same platform can help in creating a workflow which helps you achieve the above said efficiency.

Now, let’s look at this time efficient alternative:

This approach makes use of a platform for continuous integration of the entire process and data consumption to get the vulnerabilities on day 1 which can also be started to fix from the same day. This can bring up the release date timeline for an application to just the 7 Days.

In conclusion, the need of the hour is to have a platform which can bring together the stakeholders for better communication and ease out the entire process to increase productivity along the way.

Author: Bhishm Narula

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