June 11, 2024

Attacks, Vulnerabilities and Actors 3 to 9 June 2024

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HiveForce Labs has recently made significant advancements in identifying cybersecurity threats. Over the past week alone, HiveForce Labs has detected six executed attacks, reported nine vulnerabilities, and identified two active adversaries. These findings highlight the relentless and escalating danger of cyber intrusions.

Additionally, a new banking trojan, CarnavalHeist, has been targeting Brazilian users since February 2024. In another development, a sophisticated cyber attack has been identified in Ukraine, involving the threat actor known as Operation Ghostwriter.

Furthermore, the data theft operation by LilacSquid, a newly identified threat actor, closely mirrors the tactics of North Korean APT groups and has been operational since at least 2021. The ransomware group TargetCompany has developed a new Linux variant aimed at VMware ESXi environments, increasing the potential for disruption and ransom payments. These rising threats pose a significant and immediate danger to users worldwide.

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