May 9, 2023

Actors, Threats and Vulnerabilities 01 to 07 May 2023

For a detailed threat digest, download the pdf file here


HiveForce Labs recently made several significant discoveries related to cybersecurity threats. Over the past week, the fact that there were a total of eight attacks executed, taking advantage of different vulnerabilities in various systems, and involving five different adversaries highlights the ever-present danger of cyber attacks.

Interestingly, out of these one vulnerability is part of the known exploited vulnerability catalog by CISA. 

Moreover, HiveForce Labs also found that Earth Longzhi  was exploiting a five-year-old vulnerability by deploying  Croxloader.

Furthermore, we identified a new malware LOBSHOT that is being distributed through Google Ads, as well as a new macOS malware Atomic Stealer that surfaced online.

Apart from these threats, there was also a new ransomware strain named Blackbit. SideCopy Group resurfaced targeting the Indian defense sector using a framework SILENTTRINITY. All these attacks were observed to be on the rise, posing a significant threat to users all over the world.

For a detailed threat digest, download the pdf file here

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