SolarWinds Serv-U vulnerability exploited to deliver Log4j attack

Threat Level – Red | Vulnerability Report
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For a detailed advisory, download the pdf file here.

SolarWinds is affected by a vulnerability (CVE-2021-35247)  due to improper input validation when processing LDAP queries in the Serv-U web login screen. Serv-U versions up to 15.2.5 are affected by this flaw and were fixed in version 15.3.

A threat actor used this vulnerability to send a manipulated LDAP query with unsanitized data to target Serv-U using the Log4j vulnerability. The attempt failed because Serv-U does not use Log4j code and the authentication target – LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory) – is not vulnerable to Log4j attacks.

HivePro threat researchers advise customers to patch the vulnerability using the link given below.

Vulnerability Details

Patch Link


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