RangnarLocker Ransomware hits Critical Infrastructure Compromising 50+ Organizations

Threat Level – Amber | Vulnerability Report
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released an alert on Ragnarlocker campaign that has affected nearly 52 organizations encompassing 10 critical infrastructure sectors, including entities in significant manufacturing, energy, financial services, government, and information technology. RagnarLocker ransomware operators work as part of a ransomware family, frequently changing obfuscation strategies to avoid detection and security.

The ransomware incorporates VMProtect, UPX, and unique packaging techniques, and it is often installed on hacked computers within a special virtual machine. It also makes use of the Windows API GetLocaleInfoW to determine the system’s location and stops the process if the computer is in certain countries. RagnarLocker scans compromised machines for current infections in order to prevent data corruption, identifies tied hard drives, iterates through all running processes and stops those linked with remote administration, and thereafter attempts to delete all Volume Shadow copies in order to prevent data recovery. Following that, the ransomware encrypts any material of interest – avoiding encrypting files in particular folders – and then leaves a.txt ransom note instructing the victim on how to pay the ransom.

Organizations can mitigate the risk using the following methods: •Use multi-factor authentication and strong passwords for remote access services, as well. •Maintain patched and up-to-date systems, devices, and apps. •Keep an eye on cyberthreat reporting for the publishing of compromised VPN login credentials, and update passwords and settings as needed.

The Mitre TTPs commonly used by APT41 are::

TA0001: Initial Access

TA0007: Discovery

TA0040: Impact

TA0009: Collection

TA0005: Defense Evasion

TA0003: Persistence

TA0011: Command and Control

TA0042: Resource Development

TA0002: Execution

TA0008: Lateral Movement

TA0006: Credential Access

TA0029: Privilege Escalation

T1059.003: Command and Scripting Interpreter: Windows Command Shell

T1543.003: Create or Modify System Process: Windows Service

T1486: Data Encrypted for Impact

T1564.006: Hide Artifacts: Run Virtual Instance

T1562.001: Impair Defenses: Disable or Modify Tools

T1490: Inhibit System Recovery

T1120: Peripheral Device Discovery

T1489: Service Stop

T1218.007: Signed Binary Proxy Execution: Msiexec

.010: Signed Binary Proxy Execution: Regsvr32

.011: Signed Binary Proxy Execution: Rundll32

T1614: System Location Discovery T1569.002: System Services: Service Execution


Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)


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