MoonBounce: New malware deployed by APT41 in UEFI firmware

Threat Level – Red | Vulnerability Report
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MoonBounce is a new type of malware that hides in the most complex part of an Operating System (OS), the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) chip, and thus persists even after reinstalling your OS or formatting your hard drive.

MoonBounce is the most advanced malware up till today that implants malicious code into the motherboard’s Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Flash and has a complicated attack surface as well as greater technical sophistication. It can also execute remotely. MoonBounce belongs to the famous Chinese actor APT41.

Organizations are recommended to take these actions: •Keep UEFI firmware updated directly from the manufacturer, •Verify that BootGuard is enabled when available •Enable Trust Platform Modules •Run regular scans on system firmware for issues

The TTPs used by MoonBounce includes:

TA0040 – Impact

TA0009 – Collection

TA0006 – Credential Access 

TA0002 – Execution 

TA0005 – Defense Evasion

TA0004 – Privilege Escalation 

TA0011 – Command and Control

TA0007 – Discovery

TA0008 – Lateral Movement

T1495 – Firmware Corruption

T1056 – Input Capture

T1059 – Command and Scripting Interpreter

T1014 – Rootkit

T1055 – Process Injection

T1496 – Resource Hijacking

T1102 – Web Service

T1049 – System Network Connections Discovery

T1007 – System Service Discovery

T1021 – Remote Services

T1047 – Windows Management Instrumentation

T1070 – Indicator Removal on Host T1140 – Deobfuscate/Decode Files or Information

Vulnerability Details

Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)


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