October 13, 2023

Hive Pro Unveils Revolutionary Platform Uni5 Xposure, Elevating the Potential of Threat Exposure Management

HERNDON, VA., Oct. 10, 2023 – Hive Pro®, a pioneer vendor in Threat Exposure Management today announced the highly-anticipated release of their new platform Uni5 Xposure, which debuts live at the GITEX GLOBAL trade show in Dubai, UAE and at Triangle InfoSec Conference in North Carolina, USA. 

Uni5 Xposure captures all of the HivePro Uni5 components and builds on them with the following net-new features to make for a complete threat exposure management story: 

  • Comprehensive Asset Discovery: Continuous, unified asset visibility across the IT, cloud, mobile, and remote asset estates to remove asset blind spots.
  • Total Infrastructure Scanning: Out-of-the-box, detailed scanning for vulnerabilities, security findings and misconfigurations across code, container, web, application, cloud, network, and mobile environments to remove security risk blind posts across all assets. 
  • Unified Security Assessments: Consolidate diverse assessments into a single platform to reduce data sprawl issues. Initiate and manage new security assessments from the same plane to streamline workflows from one place.  
  • End-to-End Workflow Management: Comprehensive management, audit, and report capabilities aligned with security tests, assessments, and PTaaS workflows to speed up remediation processes and to enrich compliance and audit needs. 
  • Built-In Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate on every workflow across functions with integrated collaboration platforms to strengthen communication and build for efficiency in vulnerability management.  

“We listened to our customers and real Security team needs when building Uni5 Xposure. This platform will bring the vulnerability management practice to new heights with a true, one-platform take on proactively reducing security risks according to a business and threat-informed perspective, ” said Anand Choudha, CEO of Hive Pro. “We believe that Uni5 Xposure is a must-have for any Security team looking for the most comprehensive way to tackle their asset risks.”

The key benefits users can expect are to eliminate siloed tool and security assessment sprawl, asset and vulnerability blind spots, manual spreadsheet processes, stagnated vulnerability remediation and critical security risks. Uni5 Xposure consolidates key tools and features to enable Security leaders to reduce and optimize their tool costs. Uni5 Xposure benefits Security functions by providing clear visibility into their true threat exposure and empowers them to control them from one integration-rich and user-friendly platform. 


About Hive Pro, Inc.

Hive Pro is recognized as a trusted vendor by leading analyst firms Gartner, Inc. and Forrester, affirming their industry expertise and reliability. Their flagship product HivePro Uni5 is now complemented by the Uni5 Xposure platform. Uni5 Xposure enables total asset exposure visibility and management by combining the strength of the HivePro Uni5 platform (asset discovery, AI-driven VPT, BAS, threat intelligence, patch intelligence and multiple integrations) with additional core capabilities like out-of-the-box total infrastructure scanning (code, web, mobile app, network, cloud, container), security assessment orchestration and workflow management, and actionable recommendations for remediation. Uni5 Xposure presents a unified and actionable view of threat exposure and risk across various evaluations to enable continuous cybersecurity assurance and resilience.

Hive Pro’s corporate headquarters are located in Herndon, Virginia, with presence across the US, EMEA, and APAC. To learn more, visit www.hivepro.com

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SOURCE Hive Pro®, Inc.

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