April 3, 2023

Hive Pro Unveils Enhanced Version of HivePro Uni5 Threat Exposure Management Platform v2.1.0

Featuring diversified deployment options, seamless tool integration, and a refined user interface.

Milpitas, CA – 3rd April 2023 – Hive Pro, a prominent cybersecurity firm specializing in Threat Exposure Management, today introduced the version update v2.1.0 to its flagship HivePro Uni5 platform, designed to significantly improve deployment, tool integration, and user experience.

One of the key innovations in HivePro Uni5 v2.1.0 is the Outbound Agent. This feature was developed by Hive Pro to facilitate HivePro Uni5 deployment across various infrastructural environments, reducing management overhead for customers. The Outbound Agent supports a range of use cases, including hybrid connectivity that enables customers and their MSSPs to collaborate and streamline security operations.

Additional enhancements in HivePro Uni5 v2.1.0 include a user-friendly landing page tailored to the threat exposure management lifecycle, real-time threat and vulnerability updates, deeper integration with asset management and reporting tools, and customizable filter views. Furthermore, v2.1.0 addresses bug fixes in the Vulnerability Prioritization Tool and the Breach and Attack Simulation tool.

“Our primary objective with HivePro Uni5 v2.1.0 is to cater to our customers’ diverse deployment and usability requirements,” says CEO Anand Choudha. “We are committed to delivering a superior user experience with HivePro Uni5. This latest version update accelerates our customers’ threat detection and exposure response times, bolstering their organizational resilience. Every update we release adheres to our user-experience and benefit-driven philosophy.”

To learn more about the HivePro Uni5: Threat Exposure Management platform, please visit: https://www.hivepro.com/.

Connect with Hive Pro via LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Read the Hive Pro Blog here.

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