April 1, 2024

Hive Pro Announces Launch of Alliance Partner Program in North America for MSPs and VARs

Herndon, VA – 01 April 2024 – Hive Pro, a pioneer vendor in Threat Exposure Management, announced the formal launch of its North America Alliance Partner Program for Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs). This initiative aims to empower Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) with comprehensive support, including sales incentives, competitive margins, extensive training, and marketing assistance. The program is designed to equip partners with the tools and knowledge needed to deliver advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Today’s IT infrastructure, from lines of code to vast cloud environments, has expanded beyond the physical network perimeter, creating a massive attack surface that challenges customers in fully understanding their assets, vulnerabilities, and threats. Hive Pro recognizes these challenges and aims to solve them with Uni5 Xposure, an industry-pioneer Threat Exposure Management platform. Uni5 Xposure offers a proactive approach to security, providing continuous monitoring, prioritization, and resolution of threats and vulnerabilities across clients’ entire digital ecosystems.

Shayna Jackson, Director of North America Alliances at Hive Pro, stated, “Through our Alliance Partner Program, we’re not just offering tools and resources; we’re building a community of cybersecurity leaders poised to transform the digital landscape from reactive and responsive security to proactive and preventative security. Our commitment to our partners’ growth and success is unwavering.”

Anand Choudha, CEO of Hive Pro, also commented on the launch, “Our mission with this program is to foster a proactive cybersecurity culture among our partners. By equipping them with our cutting-edge threat exposure management platform, we aim to enhance their service offerings, ensuring they can deliver superior value and security to their clients.”

Key Benefits for Partners and Clients:

The program reflects Hive Pro’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity practices and supporting partners in their journey towards offering comprehensive, threat-informed defense and security services.


For more information on the North America Alliance Partner Program and to sign up, visit www.hivepro.com/partner-program or contact alliancepartners@hivepro.com.

About Hive Pro 

Hive Pro is a recognized and trusted vendor in Threat Exposure Management, offering a purpose-built platform designed to mobilize comprehensive asset, vulnerability and threat intelligence to outmaneuver threats and remediate critical risks. Only Hive Pro can give Security, IT, Business, and DevOps teams the full spectrum of their cyber threat exposure and the means to actionably reduce it from one interface. Get started at www.hivepro.com.

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