February 28, 2022

Weekly Threat Digest: 21-27 February 2022

Published Vulnerabilities



Active Threat GroupsTargeted CountriesTargeted IndustriesATT&CK TTPs

Interesting Vulnerabilities:

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Active Actors:



(Stone Panda, APT 10, menuPass, Red Apollo, CVNX, Potassium, Hogfish, Happyyongzi, Cicada, Bronze Riverside, CTG-5938, ATK 41, TA429, ITG01)


Information theft and espionage







Targeted Locations


Targeted Sectors:


Common TTPs:

TA0042: Resource DevelopmentTA0001: Initial AccessTA0002: ExecutionTA0003: PersistenceTA0004: Privilege EscalationTA0005: Defense Evasion
T1583: Acquire InfrastructureT1190: Exploit Public-Facing ApplicationT1059: Command and Scripting InterpreterT1574: Hijack Execution FlowT1574: Hijack Execution FlowT1140: Deobfuscate/Decode Files or Information
T1583.001: DomainsT1566: PhishingT1059.001: PowerShellT1574.001: DLL Search Order HijackingT1574.001: DLL Search Order HijackingT1574: Hijack Execution Flow
T1583.003: Virtual Private ServerT1566.001: Spearphishing AttachmentT1059.003: Windows Command ShellT1574.002: DLL Side-LoadingT1574.002: DLL Side-LoadingT1574.001: DLL Search Order Hijacking
T1588: Obtain CapabilitiesT1199: Trusted RelationshipT1106: Native APIT1574.011: Services Registry Permissions WeaknessT1574.011: Services Registry Permissions WeaknessT1574.002: DLL Side-Loading
T1588.002: ToolT1078: Valid AccountsT1053: Scheduled Task/JobT1053: Scheduled Task/JobT1055: Process InjectionT1574.011: Services Registry Permissions Weakness
T1588.003: Code Signing Certificates T1053.005: Scheduled TaskT1053.005: Scheduled TaskT1055.003: Thread Execution HijackingT1070: Indicator Removal on Host
T1608: Stage Capabilities T1204: User ExecutionT1078: Valid AccountsT1055.012: Process HollowingT1070.003: Clear Command History
T1608.001: Upload Malware T1204.002: Malicious FileT1098: Account ManipulationT1053: Scheduled Task/JobT1070.004: File Deletion
T1608.002: Upload Tool T1047: Windows Management InstrumentationT1136: Create AccountT1053.005: Scheduled TaskT1036: Masquerading
T1608.003: Install Digital Certificate T1129: Shared ModulesT1136.001: Local AccountT1078: Valid AccountsT1036.005: Match Legitimate Name or Location
T1608.005: Link Target T1569: System ServicesT1543: Create or Modify System ProcessT1068: Exploitation for Privilege EscalationT1036.003: Rename System Utilities
T1587: Develop Capabilities T1569.002: Service ExecutionT1543.003: Windows ServiceT1134: Access Token ManipulationT1027: Obfuscated Files or Information
T1587.003: Digital Certificates  T1505: Server Software ComponentT1134.001: Token Impersonation/TheftT1055: Process Injection
   T1505.003: Web Shell T1055.003: Thread Execution Hijacking
     T1055.012: Process Hollowing
     T1218: Signed Binary Proxy Execution
     T1218.004: InstallUtil
     T1553: Subvert Trust Controls
     T1553.002: Code Signing
     T1078: Valid Accounts
     T1112: Modify Registry
     T1134: Access Token Manipulation
     T1134.001: Token Impersonation/Theft
     T1497: Virtualization/Sandbox Evasion
     T1497.001: System Checks
     T1564: Hide Artifacts
     T1564.003: Hidden Window
     T1620: Reflective Code Loading
     T1480: Execution Guardrails
     T1562: Impair Defenses
     T1562.001: Disable or Modify Tools
TA0006: Credential AccessTA0007: DiscoveryTA0008: Lateral MovementTA0009: CollectionTA0011: Command and ControlTA0040: Impact
T1056: Input CaptureT1087: Account DiscoveryT1210: Exploitation of Remote ServicesT1560: Archive Collected DataT1568: Dynamic ResolutionT1486: Data Encrypted for Impact
T1056.001: KeyloggingT1087.002: Domain AccountT1021: Remote ServicesT1560.001: Archive via UtilityT1568.001: Fast Flux DNST1489: Service Stop
T1003: OS Credential DumpingT1083: File and Directory DiscoveryT1021.001: Remote Desktop ProtocolT1119: Automated CollectionT1105: Ingress Tool Transfer 
T1003.004: LSA SecretsT1046: Network Service ScanningT1021.004: SSHT1005: Data from Local SystemT1090: Proxy 
T1003.003: NTDST1018: Remote System Discovery T1039: Data from Network Shared DriveT1090.002: External Proxy 
T1003.002: Security Account ManagerT1016: System Network Configuration Discovery T1074: Data StagedT1071: Application Layer Protocol 
T1555: Credentials from Password StoresT1049: System Network Connections Discovery T1074.001: Local Data StagingT1071.001: Web Protocols 
T1555.003: Credentials from Web BrowsersT1010: Application Window Discovery T1074.002: Remote Data StagingT1071.004: DNS 
 T1012: Query Registry T1056: Input CaptureT1095: Non-Application Layer Protocol 
 T1033: System Owner/User Discovery T1056.001: KeyloggingT1573: Encrypted Channel 
 T1057: Process Discovery  T1573.002: Asymmetric Cryptography 
 T1082: System Information Discovery    
 T1497: Virtualization/Sandbox Evasion    
 T1497.001: System Checks    
 T1518: Software Discovery    
 T1518.001: Security Software Discovery    

Threat Advisories:

Chinese APT group targets financial institutions in the campaign “Operation Cache Panda”

Zabbix affected by two actively exploited vulnerabilities

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