February 29, 2024

Uni5 Xposure: The Top 5 Benefits of Integrating With Patch Management Tools

What Does Uni5 Xposure Do?

Uni5 Xposure is a comprehensive security solution tailored to conquer the challenges of risk-based vulnerability management and its evolved form, threat exposure management. Through its robust suite of features, Uni5 Xposure offers a dynamic approach to security assessment and remediation. It begins with comprehensive vulnerability and misconfiguration scanning, which meticulously identifies potential risks across code, infrastructure, container and cloud assets. This is followed by security assessment orchestration, streamlining processes for maximum efficiency. Leveraging advanced prioritization algorithms, Uni5 Xposure ensures that remediation efforts are focused where they are most critical, guided by threat intelligence, asset intelligence, and business priorities. Moreover, its breach and attack simulation capabilities proactively test security controls to uncover weaknesses. With multi-option treatment and remediation, including embedded patch intelligence, Uni5 Xposure empowers organizations to mitigate vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other risk-blind spots effectively.

Why Integrate Patch Management?

Why Integrate with Patch management

One way Uni5 Xposure completes the customer’s risk management journey is by integrating with patch management tools (i.e. ServiceNow ITOM; ManageEngine Patch Manager, etc.). Below, we detail the top 5 benefits of Uni5 Xposure integrating with patch management tools to continuously mitigate risks and fortify assets.

Continuous Risk Monitoring and Compliance

Uni5 Xposure’s comprehensive suite of features empowers organizations to fortify and safeguard their assets while outmaneuvering threats. By integrating patch management, Uni5 Xposure continuously closes the loop on risk remediation and builds for true cyber resilience.Author: Zaira Pirzada

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