July 1, 2020

Is the answer to cyber resilience more security analysts or security automation?

Attackers are evolving everyday with new tactics, techniques, and procedures to launch sophisticated attacks and it seems defence is becoming impossible day by day with the existing blend of people, process, and technology. Under these circumstances arises a question about how we accelerate the journey of cyber resilience from unplanned to planned, reactive to proactive and experimental to experience based.

Deficit cybersecurity skills is forcing business to explore new ways of optimizing security. Battling a fleet of cannons is not possible with swords and spears, similar is the battle with cyberattacks which makes automation vital. Ever changing threat landscape requires vigilance and resilience and to thrive, we need to adapt. Studies suggest that a cyberattack is launched every few seconds and therefore, it is essential to empower security defence with automatic detection, investigation, response, and recovery. On an average, a security team investigates nearly 26% of the total alerts generated however, with automation, this could be increased drastically which leads to strengthening the security posture of the organization.

Juggling between different tools, technologies, processes, compliance requirements, etc, overwhelms security teams. They spend a significant amount of time doing routine and repetitive tasks and are swept away from the core strategic and analytical functions of security. Cybersecurity Automation takes away the mundane tasks and brings agility, thus increasing efficiency of the security teams.

The entire threat mitigation life cycle including identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery can be automated enabling security analysis perform more valuable tasks such as threat hunting, forensics, and strategic planning.

Driving threat mitigation with automation helps in reduction of response time to cyberattacks which increases your cyber resilience.

Author: Purvi Garg

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