March 22, 2023

HivePro Uni5: The Ultimate Solution for Cybersecurity Teams

Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of any organization, and with the increase in cyber-attacks and data breaches, cybersecurity teams are facing significant challenges in safeguarding their assets. They must perform several critical activities, including configuring and monitoring security tools, identifying threats and vulnerabilities, triaging and prioritizing them, threat analysis, designing and implementing mitigation strategies, and ensuring compliance.

To tackle these challenges, HivePro has introduced HiveProUni5, a comprehensive threat exposure management platform that automates most of the work that cybersecurity teams need to perform, including functions such as automatic asset discovery and classification, contextualized vulnerability and threat prioritization, state-of-the-art patch intelligence, continuous vulnerability intelligence, advanced breach and attack simulation, and integration with security tools.

Automated Asset Discovery and Classification

HivePro Uni5 starts with automatic asset discovery and classification, providing instant threat exposure visibility, including blind spots like unscanned and unmanaged assets. Most organizations are unaware of 20% of their total assets, but with HivePro Uni5, cybersecurity teams can easily identify and classify these assets, which is the first step towards securing them.

Automated Asset Discovery and Classification

Contextualized Vulnerability and Threat Prioritization

One of the most significant challenges that cybersecurity teams face is prioritizing vulnerabilities. HivePro Uni5 addresses this issue by considering parameters such as prevalent threat actors in the organization’s geography, efficacy of compensatory controls, availability of exploits, and more. This enables teams to prioritize vulnerabilities in a more effective manner and focus on the most critical issues first.

Contextualized Vulnerability and Threat Prioritization

State-of-the-art Patch Intelligence

HivePro Uni5’s state-of-the-art Patch Intelligence capability provides cybersecurity teams with comprehensive information about available patches, including which vulnerabilities do not have patches available and which attacks have patches available but lack a vulnerability signature. With access to over 115,000 patches, HivePro Uni5 allows teams to prepare remediation plans quickly and track their progress, all while integrating with existing ticketing systems. Additionally, the platform’s ability to provide patch superseding and fuse this information with ticketing ensures that remediation teams have the best patch intelligence available, enabling them to effectively manage the vulnerability life cycle without the need for additional tools.

State-of-the-art Patch Intelligence

Continuous Vulnerability Intelligence

HivePro Uni5 gathers threat intelligence in near real-time and automatically feeds it into the platform, powered by an in-house team of security experts. This enables continuous management of threat exposure, instead of periodic assessments, which quickly become outdated due to the discovery of new vulnerabilities every day. On average, 100+ vulnerabilities were discovered every day in Q1 of 2022, with 80% of public exploits being published before CVEs are released, highlighting the importance of continuous threat intelligence.

Continuous Vulnerability Intelligence

Breach and Attack Simulation

HivePro Uni5’s advanced Breach and Attack Simulation capability allows cybersecurity teams to simulate attacks and identify gaps in their existing compensatory controls. This enables them to prepare mitigation plans in case of a real breach, ensuring that they are always prepared for any potential threat.

Advanced Reporting

HivePro Uni5 provides advanced reporting capabilities, allowing cybersecurity teams to generate contextualized reports for stakeholders, including CISOs, business leaders, and partners, to share their organization’s threat exposure posture. This enables teams to communicate the organization’s security posture effectively and ensure that stakeholders are aware of the potential risks and threats.

Integration with Security Tools

HivePro Uni5 supports over 27 well-known Asset Management, ITSM, Vulnerability Scanners and Patch Management tools out of the box, allowing organizations to utilize their existing investments. For those without any security tools, HivePro Uni5 provides HOVA, an OpenWAS-based security scanner.


In conclusion, HivePro Uni5 is a comprehensive and continuous threat exposure management platform that makes the job of cybersecurity teams easier. Its automated capabilities and advanced features allow teams to focus on their primary goal of securing assets and preventing breaches. With its advanced reporting, continuous vulnerability intelligence, and breach and attack simulation capabilities, HivePro Uni5 is the ultimate solution for cybersecurity teams looking to stay ahead of potential threats and protect their organization’s assets

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