September 8, 2022

Hive Pro bolsters its leadership team, charting a course for global growth.


Milpitas, California, September 12, 2022Hive Pro, a cyber security company specializing in Continuous Threat Exposure Management, has made two appointments to its leadership team with the appointment of Chip Davis to the role of Senior Vice President – Americas, and Jeelan Poola as Chief Product Officer across Hive Pro’s Global operations.

Adding industry stalwarts to its leadership team comes as Hive Pro grows globally, most notably in North and South America.

Sarfaraz Kazi, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Hive Pro, explains that the company’s growth has followed the success of its HivePro product suite. “We developed one of the few solutions that provide an intuitive interface allowing customers to pre-empt attacks and understand their threat exposure better as they move away from the outdated monolithic tactical risk scoring system,” he says. “Chip and Jeelan’s appointments add to Hive Pro’s expertise, catapulting it forward in the areas of sales strategy for the Americas and engineering, product management and threat research, respectively.”

Chip Davis, Senior Vice President and General Manager: Americas

Chip Davis is a technology industry stalwart with a career spanning nearly 40 years; several in high-profile roles with blue-chip companies. Chip will be responsible for building and implementing a go-to-market strategy for Hive Pro in the Americas, forging a path for financial success across the region.

“I’m inspired to be working with a team of passionate, gifted and hard-working individuals that have dedicated themselves to the mission of making the cyber world a safer place for organizations and individuals,” says Davis. “This inspiration and selfless dedication I see in the team is not unlike the modern-day heroes we know like Dr Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Helen Keller and Nelson Mandela, in that their service is for the greatest good of humanity above all else.”

Davis will measure his success through growth and brand recognition for Hive Pro in the Americas while establishing the brand as the leader in Continuous Threat Exposure Management.

Jeelan Poola, Chief Product Officer

Jeelan Poola joins the Hive Pro leadership team following a successful career leading research and development and engineering teams with technology behemoths in India like Couchbase, Zebra Technologies, Motorola and Wipro, spanning more than two decades.

Poola will be responsible for accelerating the development of the HivePro Uni5 platform. It includes growing the SaaS offering and developing the research and engineering, and product teams to continue building on the solutions that its customers have come to value as they manage threat exposure in their business. “As a self-confessed computer science generalist, I am inspired by the opportunities presented by ‘software’,” explains Poola.

“Technology has allowed mankind to progress beyond imagination in the past two decades largely through software,” he says. “In this relatively short space of time, we have moved from infrastructure-based systems to truly transformative computing enabled through software, which requires always-on threat detection. Like Jeff Bezos, the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, we can learn to be adaptable by anticipating impending threats and capitalizing on these opportunities.”

Poola brings exciting new talents to the Hive Pro team bolstering its engineering, product management and threat research talents to help scale the platform.

In conclusion

“Hive Pro is a leader in Continuous Threat Exposure Management. As we enter the next phase of growth globally, a strong global sales and support system built on the foundations of solid products and engineering will enable us to introduce many more countries and customers to Hive Pro, which will truly redefine the way that they use vulnerability as a data pivot and mitigate against threats before they become a problem they can ill-afford,” concludes Kazi.


About Hive Pro Inc.

Hive Pro Inc is a cybersecurity company specializing in Continuous threat exposure management. Its product HivePro Uni5 provides a Continuous threat exposure management Solution to proactively reduce an organization’s attack surface before it gets exploited. It neutralizes critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities that really matter to organizations through a single console. Hive Pro has its corporate headquarters in Milpitas, California, a sales office in Dubai, UAE, and a development center in India. For more information, visit




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